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Usage Tips 

There is no "right" way or time to use my products as long as you are using them safely. However, here are some of my best practices! 

 Otherwise, get creative and let your intuition guide you! 

Each product contains herbs and/or essential oils. Conduct a patch test to check for allergies prior to use. 

Wash your body as normal. Make sure to get your spine, the back of your neck, the soles of your feet, behind your knees, and under your arms. These are important energy channels. 

It helps to speak and/or visualize your intention; however if you do not have a clear one that is okay. 

Rinse with cool water, as cool as you can take it. Pat yourself dry, air dry if you're into it.

*High Key,  you might wanna use this often. 

When it comes to the soap, you can bathe as often as you'd like, though once a week on the corresponding day is plenty: 

Sunday - Purified 

Monday - Clarity 

Tuesday/Saturday - Unhxed & Unbothered 

*Thursday - Lucky No. 8

*Friday- Allure 


Allure Soap


Lucky No. 8

The oils are more suitable for daily and in-the-moment use. To tune the oils to your specific needs or desires, you can speak over them and ask the Spirits of the plants to assist your specific need. 

Pairing the oil with the soaps will amplify the intention, but they do not need to be used together. They can also me mixed and matched with other Kalikari products.

The oils can be purchased in dropper bottles and used for candle work, crystal magic, or any other intention work of your choosing. 

If using on the body, I suggest corresponding the placement of your oil with your intention. For instance, Clarity oil on the Heart Chakra area if that's where you seek connectedness. 


Keep away from eyes and do not ingest. 

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