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Not for all — All for none

A radical approach to taking Spiritual accountability in a digitally bound world. Just living my life, holding myself accountable for my shit, and sharing my lessons along the way. There's no one topic, and I encourage you to always do your  own research and create your own understandings of any energies & how they affect your life. 

Cast & Conjure

Non- Religious Ancestral Veneration & Indigenous  based concepts of casting & conjuring. If you're looking to find tips on "how-to" you are in the WRONG place. I'm not here to sell you bullshit nor tell you "No one can tell you how to use your magic..." that's false & irresponsible.  Do what you want, feel how you need to feel, but the bottom line is — this energy is NOT safely & readily available to whoever decides it so.  

Cast wisely. 

Episode Archive

Episode Archive

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